Microsoft once again reduces its prices for the Xbox360

Microsoft reduces the price of the Xbox 360 in Europe. It has been already the third time that MS has reduced the price of the Xbox 360 since the console has entered the market at the end of 2005. The console, Xbox 360 'Arcade' will cost € 179 instead of € 199, the other two versions, with a hard disk of 60 gigabyte and 120 gigabyte, cost as of now respectively € 239 (compared with € 269 ) and € 299 (against € 369). Earlier on, MS had reduced already its prices in U.S.A. and Japan.

Microsoft verlaagt de prijs van de Xbox 360 in Europa. Het is al de derde keer dat MS de prijs van de Xbox 360 verlaagt sinds de console eind 2005 op de markt kwam.Het basismodel, de Xbox 360 'Arcade', kost vanaf vrijdag nog 179 euro, in plaats van de huidige 199 euro. De twee andere versies, met een harde schijf van 60 gigabyte en 120 gigabyte, kosten voortaan respectievelijk 239 euro (tegenover 269 euro) en 299 euro (tegen 369 euro).Eerder haalde Microsoft ook al in de Verenigde Staten en in Japan de prijzen naar omlaag.

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The 1st European Pricing Study

The European Pricing Platform in collaboration with ABeam Consulting and the University of Applied Science in Worms, Germany has launched the 1st European Strategic Pricing Study to validate best practices and identify successful approaches to pricing improvements.

European Strategic Pricing Study and Analysis. This document summarizes results from a study on Strategic Pricing in the European marketplace. The study analyzed survey responses of 70 participating European organizations to uncover best practices for Strategic Pricing definition and execution. The information contained herein presents key highlights of the study that will help organizations understand the interlocking components of a Strategic Pricing Program, its impact on improving sales volume and margins, and success factors for effective Strategic Pricing Management.

Key Findings

Strategic Pricing is gaining strong attention in European executive boardrooms, especially among industry leaders and “top 3” players seeking to enhance their bottom lines and gain competitive advantage by upgrading or replacing obsolete pricing models. European organizations have realized that Strategic Pricing offers benefits that are hard to find elsewhere, such as superior ROI compared to other business improvement options, low investment risk and a short time to realize benefits. There is a growing performance gap between organizations that strive to improve their pricing processes and those satisfied with their existing status quo.


With plans for investments in Strategic Pricing clearly in favor of current top performers seeking to expand their market lead, the future can be extremely challenging for organizations that neglect this critical business area.


Organizations should take a holistic approach to planning and implementing a sound Strategic Pricing Model. Based on the analysis of survey results, it is apparent that successful Strategic Pricing is not a short-term project, but rather a multiple-step program—involving products, pricing strategies and tactics, people and process—which is enabled by information technology and change management. Organizations should follow a comprehensive execution strategy based on Six Sigma methodology with pricing performance benchmarks and metrics to implement, monitor and continually refine their Strategic Pricing Model. To this end, third-party expertise can provide unbiased opinions, insights and direction on how best to achieve the most effective result

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Peugeot and Citroën are considering own low budget brand

Peugeot and Citroën are devastated by the success of Dacia in West-Europe. Accordingly to the Frech newspaper 'La Tribune': this increases the plans to start a budget brand themselves. PSA wants with a new budget brand models which are overseas produced, such as the Chinese Dongfeng Citroën, to obtain to Europe. Also models which are produced in South-America must end up this way. Generally, those do not entirely satisfy to the high Western European standard. For not damaging the reputation of Peugeot and Citroën they want to create a new brand . As from 2010, the project with the overseas models must start to run.

Peugeot en Citroën kijken met lede ogen naar het succes van Dacia in West-Europa. Dat wakkert bij het concern de plannen aan om zelf een budgetmerk te beginnen. Dat weet de Franse krant La Tribune te melden.Met een nieuw budgetmerk wil PSA modellen die overzee worden geproduceerd, zoals deze Chinese Dongfeng Citroën, naar Europa halen. Ook modellen uit Zuid-Amerika moeten deze kant op komen. Die voldoen doorgaans niet helemaal aan de hoge West-Europese standaard. Om de merken Peugeot en Citroën daardoor niet te veel te schaden, moet daarvoor een nieuw merk in het leven worden geroepen. Vanaf 2010 moet het project met de overzeese modellen gaan lopen. Bron : HLN