Announcing SPMG is new Structural EPP Partner

Brussels, January 09, 2014

The European Pricing Platform (EPP) is thrilled to announce that Strategic Pricing Management Group (SPMG) will become a new structural partner, content provider, and exhibitor at upcoming EPP events throughout Europe. By delivering know-how through these resources, SPMG contributes to improve the pricing knowledge of our pricing and profit optimisation Community.

In a world in which stakeholders are more demanding, customers more selective, and competitors fight aggressively for more market share, pricing is one of the biggest profit levers you can tweak to make an impact on your bottom line. 

“The actual volatile and uncertain business environment in Europe it is and is forecasted to remain complex and ambiguous for the next couple of years. In this situation, top performing companies that tackled the problem of growth by leveraging pricing and achieving high pricing power, outperformed competitors by delivering 25% higher profits”, said Fabio Cicalini, Managing Director, DACH & Italy, at SPMG. “With more than 20 years expertise in pricing and hundreds of projects delivered in all verticals, thought leaders, industry experts and dedicated Regional Directors, partnering with EPP puts SPMG in a position to help the pricing community bringing pricing in Europe at the next maturity level, and connect faster with companies to help them unlocking their unleashed pricing potentials”.

"We are very pleased to welcome SPMG to our partner community. It is great to know that they share the same ambition to bring pricing maturity in Europe to a higher level. We will work close together to help organisations discover how to achieve sustainable value capturing which results in full profit optimisation. We have excellent relationships with our partners and I am sure SPMG will enjoy being part of EPP activities.” said Pol Vanaerde, EPP President.

About Strategic Pricing Management Group

SPMG is an international advisory firm dedicated to helping companies achieve world class pricing competency. Since its inception in 1999 and with 50+ years of combined consultative pricing experience, SPMG has gone on to become one of the world's leading pricing consultancies. SPMG is recognised globally for its ability to develop pricing strategies that allow their clients to meet their goals and objectives. We have assisted organizations from a diverse range of industries with their strategic, tactical pricing, revenue and pricing process reengineering issues. The firm's main services are strategic pricing and marketing strategy, price/value research, corporate planning and pricing process alignment and training.  For more information on SPMG visit the website at

About European Pricing Platform

EPP is a ‘not-for-profit’ knowledge sharing platform focused on supporting business management, pricing professionals and CxO-level executives with a main focus on Europe across a variety of industries. Our target is to keep the pricing and profit optimisation know-how of EPP participants up to date. Our mission is to be the number one on- and offline pricing resource for business decision makers. Interactive collecting, developing and sharing of pricing and profit optimisation knowledge are the key elements to the success of our platform. Enhance your pricing and profit optimisation know-how and be successful in it by joining this dynamic and resourceful pricing platform.

Source: EPP and SPMG

For more information, contact:

European Pricing Platform
Project Manager and Partner Relations
Britt Dejager, +32/(0)473.717.669


Fabio Cicalini
Partner and Managing Director, DACH & Italy
+49 170 2753910