ePP is pleased to announce a new partnership with Pricing Solutions Europe AG

The European pricing Platform (ePP) is pleased to announce that they have added Pricing Solutions Europe AG (PS Europe), a global pricing strategy, pricing management, pricing research and pricing consultancy firm as a new Expert Partner. Our new partner will be an exhibitor, and sponsor of upcoming ePP events throughout Europe. Furthermore they will provide ePP participants with relevant pricing content through state-of-the-art pricing: articles, white papers, research papers, academic papers, surveys, etc.
By delivering content through these resources, PS Europe contributes to improve the pricing knowledge of our Pricing Platform Participants.

“Pricing is right now a hot topic in most CEO’s mind.
Current market dynamics about raw materials rising costs, disruptions on the competitive landscape, mostly driven by BRICS, and some recovering markets niche’s opportunities are evidencing that organizations who have a good level on the Pricing discipline are outperforming the Market.
By their ability to price better their products & services, and be more agile against competitive and market reactions, they are able to manage more efficiently the money spent on Discounts, Rebates and others “Sales Levers”, and translate on their P&L the Value perceived on their products & services, ” said ‘Fernando Ventureira , Managing Director, Pricing Solutions Europe AG. “Partnering with ePP puts us in a position to divulgate better and more extensively the Pricing Discipline, at this time quite exclusive of professionals working on large and multinational organizations.”

Pricing Solutions Europe AG is an expert Consultancy in Pricing, with more than 20 years of experience and quite well known for the high standard deliveries on services related to People & Organizations (i.e. Training & Coaching), Pricing Management (i.e. Pricing Diagnostic & Roadmap for Excellence), Pricing Research & Analytics (i.e.: Value Map and Price Optimizer) and Systems & Tools (RFP Management & Business Intelligence).

“Pricing Solutions Europe AG has been carefully selected to join our group of pricing experts worldwide because of their proven track record, experience, and pricing science methodologies,” said Pol Vanaerde, ePP president. “We are pleased to have Pricing Solutions Europe AG included on our expert list, and look forward to working closely with them to better serve our participants.”

ePP serves as the first ‘Not-for-profit’ network for cross-industrial pricing decision makers in Europe. Through various on- and offline media, ePP is dedicated to develop and share pricing best practices, effective tools, methodologies and populate technological solutions assisting in successful definition and implementation of Strategic Pricing.

About Pricing Solutions Europe AG
Our mission is “To significantly improve our Clients Profitability by helping them achieve a World Class Level of Pricing Competency”

About European Pricing Platform
The ePP offers your company to have the right pricing tactics in place to guarantee customer loyalty and deliver sustained margin growth to your business. Enhance your pricing know-how and be successful in it by joining this dynamic and yet resourceful pricing platform.