Mounib Jaballah, Pricing Manager at LFB explains his instant gains in 10 months, thanks to pricing governance and pricing policies

How was the situation - on pricing issues - at your company before you joined the Certified Pricing Manager Program? What were the challenges? In the pharma industry, knowledge of Market Access and Pricing is critical to ensure growth on profitability. Therefore, the main challenge for a company like LFB is to increase the level of pricing knowledge and spread it to the operational teams and affiliates. The pricing function has been created in the access dept only mid-2015. We basically start from scratch in pricing which was really challenging when we have to launch products. Therefore, many projects have been conducted at the same time including pricing governance, pricing policies, pricing strategy for new products, tender management, change management…

What triggered you to join the CPM® programme? The pricing position in the LFB is new and the challenge is high. I wanted to know more about pricing and how I have to move forward to succeed in my new position. What are the different stages of pricing? What are the mistakes to avoid? How can I improve the margin and the value of our products?... many questions to solve before building pricing in the LFB. What was interesting is the broader vision of the subject, not limited to our business specificities.

How did the CPM ® programme help you to develop the pricing maturity in your organisation?  
I appreciated the CPM®_level2 programme as, it was oriented on “how we can sell and avoid margin leakage?”. Really result and profit oriented.  Today, I noticed that a wrong pricing leads to “leave money on the table”. So, how can we define a price in a country for a product and who can decide a price? The CPM®_level2 programme helps me to find answer to these 2 questions and I succeed to set up a methodology for each pricing strategies, going into deeper analyses of prices in a country to find the right price leading to revenue maximization. The right price is not a price based on cost!

Give a short description of the project you delivered for the certification project. What was the challenge and what were the concrete results in €. To avoid pricing leakage, a right pricing governance and pricing policies have to be set up. Level up operation teams and change the mentality is critical for the LFB. Our goal through this project is to reach a maturity in this field and train the International operational teams to be more efficient during tendering and contracting situation.
è Think Revenue Maximization. Important Instant gains

What was the impact on the profit margin? Will the training result in other concrete projects on pricing?  Significant number of K€ in 10 months, but also a start of change in the company on how to approach prices (more robust business case, higher starting points…). Other pricing projects are ongoing. We are focusing today on a launch of a new product with a new pricing approach (value based pricing). Tender project is ongoing we expect through this project a better approach in tendering avoiding pressure on the supply chain and maximizing revenue.

http://www.pricingplatform.eu/certification/datesafees.htmlHow do you feel now after completing this programme? What has changed, like in more visibility, more top level support in pricing in your company, better stakeholder relationships, more involvement in innovation, clear KPI’s,… Such results allow to have a better support from the management and the top management. It helps a lot to spread the pricing knowledge in the company and bring new opportunities to start new projects linked to pricing. Mostly, it comforts us in the choice we have made in the company to strengthen the function. Moreover, it also helps building the pricing plan for the coming year

You have been a pricing manager since several years now. How has the function of ‘pricing manager’ evolved during the years? Pricing role in the pharma is strongly linked to market access. Theses 2 functions have to involved earlier in launches to well define the profitability expected from the management. Pricing is also dynamic and specific to each country. As a price in a country can affect a price in another country a pricing manager has then an operational and global role. As long as price will impact the bottom line of a P&L – it means always – a pricing manager will be involved in strategic projects having always a vision of revenue maximization.
Got interested in the Certified Pricing Manager programme, developed by the European Pricing Platform?  Find all the information on content and calendar here. If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact britt.dejager@pricingplatform.eu.


'Is pricing the new CFO topic?' by Nikolas Beutin - Price Waterhouse Coopers

- The big & global challenges for the pricing directors in companies, worldwide: what are they?

In the “good old days” pricing directors could easily helpt to sell what their company produced: the customers very often had a low price sensitivity.  Pressure of competition was low and only few substitutes and imitations were there. The customer was brand loyal and rational and pricing took place in microcosm marketing between product, place & promotion.
Nowadays, pricing directors face large and global challenges such as much more professional purchasing (central purchasing, price trainings, eProcurement), higher market price transparency (M&As, complex, international distribution), unclear and changing demand (weak economy / recession / crises, weak financial position of customers, stronger price-focus from end-customers) and lastly tremendously higher competitive intensity (high price transparency in internet, aggressive pricing of new competitors, discount wars, price erosion, grey markets etc.).
- Can an event like the Profit Leaders Summit contribute to these challenges?

Yes of course! the Profit Leaders Summit will provide answers to many of the most pressing questions.
Two interactive days with leading experts, experienced speakers and leaders in pricing and margin management give thought-provoking impulses and completes participant’s experiences with new innovative approaches and thinking.
- What should be the outcome of the summit, what’s in it for all participants?

This event is designed to bring real experts on C-level together.
-> To work together during interactive workshop sessions with actionable outcomes and take home best practices to implement.
-> To expand the personal network and get inspired with new ways of thinking discussions amongst leading decision makers.
-> To take away ideas, thoughts and specific actions that impact your daily pricing approach as well as your long-term pricing strategy.

- What can you give away about your topic?

My topic “Is Pricing the New CFO Topic?” identifies the new role of pricing within an organization.
Due to the above mentioned challenges and developments, pricing tasks shifted over the last years into the area of the CFO.  In addition to the “new days of pricing” further developments like globalization, digital disruption, diversification in marketing and sales as well as internationalization and a lack of qualified sales staff are drivers for this shift.
I am looking forward to talking about these developments in the key note closing session!

Do you want to join? Click here and find out all there is to know about the EPP Profit Leaders Summit. Or contact Els, Summit Manager at els.landuyt@pricingplatform.eu.


The 6th EPP Life Sciences Pricing forum reviewed

We asked our moderator Mike Herepath to give us his feedback and take-aways on the 2 days of networking, sharing, learning and discussing in Montreux.

'It was a privilege and a pleasure for me to moderate this year’s EPP Life Science forum, and my sincere thanks to EPP and their partners, to our first class presenters and to all our engaged and enthusiastic participants for making this 6th forum such a great success. This year’s theme ‘Pricing under Pressure’ obviously resonated very strongly with all who attended, and stimulated lots of high quality discussion, debate and ideas sharing among the participants from both pharma and MedTech.
The quality of the plenary presentations, the panel discussions and the breakout sessions this year was consistently excellent, with industry leaders from across the globe tackling some of the most fundamental pricing issues facing life sciences today. These ranged from the growing sophistication and demands of payer systems, through the challenges of pricing innovative technologies and the most effective ways to manage tendering, innovative contracting and using data analytics, right through to optimizing pricing around loss of exclusivity and the usefulness of brain scanning technology in determining perceived value and willingness to pay.

Having been challenged to make the most of this learning opportunity that had been developed by pricing specialists for pricing specialists, it was so rewarding to see how actively everyone got engaged throughout the event, with lots of great probing questions and challengers for the presenters, many thought-provoking comments and points of discussion in the panel discussions and breakout groups, and loads of sharing of information, ideas and experiences during the coffee and lunch breaks and during the very enjoyable evening cruise on lake Geneva. It was also great to see how the forum provided a golden opportunity for old colleagues and professional acquaintances to catch up, and for all the participants to make new contacts and grow their networks.

We began the forum by everyone making a note of what he or she wanted to take away from the event. As we reviewed these towards the end of the two days, it became clear that the vast majority of the participants’ learning needs and expectations for the event had been met and, in many cases, surpassed. Some of those key learning points included:

  • The growing need for life sciences companies to be able to demonstrate and communicate the relevant value of their products as solutions to meeting payers’ needs, in order to negotiate optimal prices.
  • The limitations of the revenue potential of ‘emerging markets’ and the difficulties of optimizing pricing with systems that are sometimes not transparent or consistent
  • The appropriateness and potential usefulness of ‘innovative’ pricing strategies as alternatives to traditional approaches, and how best to price different types of innovation in pharma and MedTech
  • The importance of well designed price guidelines and indices in effective payer negotiations
  • The usefulness and the limitations of different types of analytics in effective pricing
  • The evolving role of the strategic pricing function and how to meet both global and local needs with an effective tendering management system.
  • The commercial importance of effectively managing pricing around loss of exclusivity
  • The development and potential of neurophysiology and brain scanning techniques in determining optimal prices and willingness to pay.

At the end of the forum, and in subsequent emails and feedback, the majority of participants declared that the forum had met their needs and been a great success, with many adding that they were looking forward to coming again next year. I share their views, and can’t wait to join them!'



Tendering: the Life Science Industry’s 1st Global Benchmarking Study coming up!

The Life Science Industry’s 1st Global Benchmarking Study on Tendering
Conducted by HighPoint Solutions and supported
by the European Pricing Platform (EPP)

Pharmaceutical and MD&D manufacturers are looking for answers to what defines a mature and effective Tendering function in the areas of organanisation, policy, process, and technology.  Currently, no widely available benchmark information exists as to what defines a mature Tendering function in each of the previous categories mentioned.
Please take a moment to fill out this important survey and study. All answers will be anonymous regarding the person and company. Results will be shared as aggregate by HighPoint Solutions in a report and presented in various forums with the first being the 6th EPP Life Sciences Pricing Forum on September 20-21 in Montreux. Findings will also be provided via mail for all participants.
If you want to take the survey, please contact Britt (britt.dejager@pricingplatform.eu). He'll send you the necessary link.


For immediate release

For immediate release 

PROS, European Pricing Platform
Reveals Pricing Profit Potential
Uncovers Opportunities to Drive
Top- and Bottom-line Objectives with Pricing Maturity

HOUSTON and BRUSSELS, June 22, 2016 – PROS® (NYSE: PRO), the revenue and profit realization company, together with the European Pricing Platform (EPP), today announced survey results that highlight opportunities to improve pricing performance and help organizations meet their top- and bottom-line objectives. Conducted by the EPP and sponsored by PROS, the survey illuminates current and target pricing maturity levels of more than 200 European companies across six key areas: pricing strategy, policy, implementation, reporting, organization and systems.

The survey connects pricing maturity with organizational expertise in executing profit-oriented strategies. A full 81% of the respondents reported they operate with a lack of pricing maturity, indicating less than 20% realized the power of pricing and its ability to improve profitability.

"This survey showcases how organizations can tap into the power of pricing to realize their profit potential," said PROS Chief Marketing Officer Patrick Schneidau. "The survey is especially noteworthy despite some of the wide differences in how companies perceive their own pricing maturity today. Companies that accelerate their pricing maturity progress can succeed in today’s hypercompetitive global macroeconomic environment, and we are encouraged to learn that more than half of the European respondents plan to further their pricing maturity over the next year."

"The EPP survey highlights the state of pricing maturity today and the risks of inaction," said EPP President Pol Vanaerde. "It also offers change management recommendations for pricing initiatives, so companies can successfully use pricing to close the gap between their existing and expected revenue and profit growth. By adopting the survey’s pricing insights, companies can make substantial progress in driving revenue and profits with mature pricing skills."

The results offer greater insight into how companies view their pricing maturity levels today and also provide suggestions for improvement:
  • Among companies surveyed, a full 55% believe pricing maturity is a competitive advantage and are creating action plans over the next year to develop the necessary skills.
  • While 70% of organizations indicate their pricing and sales teams work together to determine price guidance, less than 10% use a cross-functional approach with marketing, sales and finance to achieve pricing maturity.
  • Fewer than 5% of the European respondents employ advanced pricing practices, which highlights a strategic opportunity for companies to use pricing as a profitability lever.
  • Today 65% of participants allow unconditional discounts, a clear indicator that these organizations are missing opportunities to improve margins.

Survey Webinar
During a recent webinar, the EPP, PROS and Simon-Kucher & Partners shared additional survey results and offered insights on how increasing a company’s pricing maturity helps realize greater revenue and profitability. To listen to the replay and download the presentation slides, visit the website.

To learn more about PROS, visit the website or follow PROS on Twitter at @PROS_Inc.

About PROS

PROS Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: PRO) is a revenue and profit realization company that helps B2B and B2C customers realize their potential through the blend of simplicity and data science. PROS offers cloud solutions to help accelerate sales, formulate winning pricing strategies and align product, demand and availability. PROS revenue and profit realization solutions are designed to allow customers to experience meaningful revenue growth, sustained profitability and modernized business processes. To learn more, visit pros.com.

Forward-looking Statements

This press release contains forward-looking statements, including statements about the functionality and benefits of revenue and profit realization software to organizations generally as well as the functionality and benefits of PROS software products. The forward-looking statements contained in this press release are based upon PROS historical experience with revenue and profit realization software and its current expectations of the benefits of revenue and profit realization software for organizations that implement and utilize such software. Factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those described herein include the addressability of an organization’s revenue and profit realization software needs, the risks associated with PROS developing and enhancing products with the functionality necessary to deliver the stated results and the risks associated with the complex implementation and maintenance of revenue and profit realization software such as PROS software products. Additional information relating to the uncertainty affecting the PROS business is contained in PROS filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. These forward-looking statements represent PROS expectations as of the date of this press release. Subsequent events may cause these expectations to change, and PROS disclaims any obligations to update or alter these forward-looking statements in the future whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.

# # #
3100 Main Street, Suite #900 Houston, TX 77002 •Phone +713.335.5151 •Email: info@pros.com •Web: pros.com

Media Contacts:
Yvonne Donaldson ydonaldson@pros.com 713.335.5310
Sheila Watson swatson@pros.com 713.335.5287


There is no substitute for experience!

There is no substitute for experience! And Michael is indeed a very experienced market access specialist with a career spanning market access and pricing strategy consultancy,  global and UK affiliate-level pharma market access leadership roles and as a senior payer in hospital pharmacy and healthcare executive roles.
So the 6th EPP Life Sciences Pricing forum in Montreux is just the right occasion to invite Michael as the moderator for the forum.
“A good moderator helps to make the best connections - connecting the speakers and their topics with the audience and their expectations. In addition to being responsible for housekeeping, timekeeping and helping maintain the energy of the conference from the first presentation to the last, as the moderator it’s my responsibility to make sure that key themes and issues get picked up on, and that the questions that everyone is thinking about actually get asked and, more importantly, answered!”

And Michael has been able to follow the pricing maturity journey of these companies over the years.
“Looking back, since 2004 I think that life sciences companies across the board have matured significantly in their pricing capabilities, growing the ‘capable capacities’ of their pricing functions and raising their recognised value to their companies as they play vital roles in helping to address the constantly increasing pressures and demands of the different types of healthcare systems. I think EPP continues to play an important role in supporting this maturation of pricing across Life Sciences.”

When asked about challenges and opportunities in the Life Sciences companies, Michael adds the following:
“The Life Sciences industry faces an increasingly strenuous mix of challenges, from the demands of patient consumerism and the growing expectations of healthcare systems for it to deliver ever greater value and ‘more for less’, through the growing sophistication and complexity of the various payer systems, to the challenges of markets becoming increasingly interconnected, through price referencing and HTA networks.”

Can a forum like the EPP Life Sciences Pricing Forum contribute to realising these challenges?
“To help meet these challenges, the industry needs to be as well informed as possible, and with its high quality presentations and discussions on the most topical issues, together with a valuable opportunity to consider these issues with key leaders from the industry, the EPP forum helps greatly in this respect.”

And this is what Michael wishes for all attendees when they return back to their organisation!
“The best outcome would be for each and every participant to leave the forum with a few ‘golden nuggets’ to help them and their companies develop their pricing capabilities in the future - be they a solution to their problems, an idea to develop, a new development to learn more about, a better ways of doing something, or a valuable new contact who can help them to succeed.”
Want to learn about the topics to be discussed on the 6th EPP Life Sciences Pricing Forum, check the programme here.


81% des entreprises fixent leurs prix sans méthodology, dixit Les Echos.fr

The second (2015) edition of the Pricing Maturity Indicator, realised with the support of Founding Partner PROS is aimed at identifying the current status of your organisation's pricing maturity, as well as the desired status.
Les Echos published an article on this new survey. Read the article here!

How is the survey conducted?
The survey consists of 9 steps and a 'get your report' module. You will be guided through questions on Demographics, Pricing Strategy, Price Policy and Price Setting, Systems and Tools, Organisation and Implementation.

The 2015 EPP Global Pricing Maturity Survey represents the opinion of 200 pricing executives from the manufacturing industry, surveyed by means of the online Pricing Maturity Indicator survey on www.pricingmaturity.eu.

Survey duration: October 15th – Nov 30th  2015

Why should you fill it in?
The questionnaire of the Pricing Maturity Indicator is designed to objectively determine the organizational pricing maturity level, by evaluating the actual performance across the pricing framework building blocks :
• Price Strategy
• Price Policy
• Price Implementation
• Price Reporting
• Pricing Organization

Do the survey and found out where your organization is on the pricing maturity journey and set your priorities right for the next 12 months.


5 key learnings from the EPP Life Sciences Executive Briefing

What were the top 5 conclusions from our yearly Life Sciences Executive Briefing?

In preparation of the EPP Life Sciences Pricing forum, the Executive Briefing is a yearly  ‘invitation-only’ executive meeting that aims to build a dialogue between CxO’s and industry pricing experts on emerging pricing and commercial topics in the Life Sciences Industry.  It was recently organised in Zurich on March 31, 2016.

The European Pricing Platform – together with its partner Alliance Life Sciences –  focus on bringing together a very exclusive and high level group of professionals from this industry. This discussion platform for no more than 30 of these top professionals in the business creates a one-of-a-kind learning and networking experience. In short, some hours of thought provoking debate and global best practice at your fingertips.

We have bundled the summaries of the presentations and wrote down the conclusions of the meeting in this document. You can consult the document here.

These are our top 5 learnings:

  • The life sciences industry is a complex adaptive system that is subject to the same evolutionary forces as the natural world.
  • Current selection pressures require the industry to adapt to six simultaneous shifts in the business environment.
  • The current focus on launch sequencing to mitigate the impact of external reference pricing does not lead to profit optimisation, successful customer engagement or a sustainable business model. It should be ethically responsible, not denying or unduly delaying access to innovative drugs in low-priced markets.
  • The challenge of contracting is not to secure reimbursement through discounts, but to obtain volume commitments and drive usage.
  • Manufacturers must be willing to walk away from wealthy markets that refuse to make a fair contribution to R&D cost.
Want to read the details? Download the document here.
Want to know more about the 6th EPP Life Sciences Pricing Forum, click here!


Bjorn Willemsens, director at Monitor Deloitte about the EPP Certified Pricing Manager programme

Bjorn Willemsens is director at Monitor Deloitte and acts as lead member of the European Pricing and Profitability Management Community. As such he is one of the key members in the further development of pricing related methodologies and market awareness. Bjorn was one of the first trainers joining the CPM programme.  We asked Bjorn about the programme and why it's important to join.

How do you evaluate the CPM programme?

The CPM program submerges pricing managers for a week in the concepts and good (and bad!) practices of pricing. What I especially like is that we bring together people with different skillsets and pricing experience so they can learn from each other on top of what they get from the trainers and materials. The interactive discussions help in understanding and framing the challenges of each participant. This in its turn is a very good input for the personal business case/pricing improvement programme.

How did your share in the training evolve during the years?

As a first day CPM trainer I have seen the program evolving over time, improving the setup based on participants ‘feedback. Depending on the CPM objective (gaining transactional control, going for price optimization or even dedicated in company CPM sessions), I vary my content and cases from my experience as a professional pricing consultant. I like to use own cases rather than schoolbook material because I know from practice where the pain comes from and how we got to resolve it. I very much enjoy to see the participants training their grey cells on the exercises – can’t be too easy to make it a good learning experience! 

What is the outcome for the participants?

Being part of CPM broadens your horizon on the potential of pricing. It is only partially about tools and techniques, yet mainly about sharing experiences and being able to ask questions about your pricing challenges as a participant. You will not go away with the perfect answer to your needs, but hopefully with a good cook book and plenty of examples to start working your pricing kitchen.

Bjorn talks about transactional control and pricing optimisation.  Do you want to know how far your organisation is in its pricing journey.  The European Pricing Platform has developed a tool - the Pricing Maturity Indicator (PMI) - which allows you to know immediately your own organisation's pricing maturity level: going from level 1 (price list maintenance) to level 4 (full profit optimisaton). Take the survey here!

And reserve your seat at the next edition of the Certified Pricing Manager programme in Göteborg on June 13-17, 2016.


Some pictures of the last edition in Barcelona


ESADE and the European Pricing Platform, a strong collaboration

ESADE is the 4th best Business School in Europe, according to the Financial Times (2014), the 8th in the world in Executive Education, again according the Financial Times (2015) and the 6th in the world in Executive Education according to Amêrica Economía 2014.

The European Pricing Platform is Europe's leading knowledge sharing platform for pricing and profit optimisation managers. The EPP offers industry focused forums, workshops, seminars, open and in-company trainings on pricing matters and access to a vast digital library of articles, research and white papers.

Together with Marco Bertini, programme director ESADE  and 2 other experts in their domain, Pol Vanaerde, Founder and President of the European Pricing Platform have put together this strong executive programme: a pragmatic, action-oriented study of the different—and at times surprising—roles that prices play in capturing, communicating, and even enhancing a company’s competitive advantage.

Monetization: How to Turn Value Creation into Lasting Revenue
Where? Barcelona
When?  June 27 – July 1, 2016 

Monetization policies are little more than collections of tactics held together by questionable
assumptions and crude conclusions that, in many circumstances, put financial and brand health in jeopardy. This program will equip senior and mid-career professionals in business and consumer markets with the necessary confidence and skills to design and execute a superior strategy. A  key challenge will be to embed monetization decisions in the context of a company’s overall market orientation and evaluate their effectiveness in achieving broader managerial goals.

For these and other reasons, the program takes the perspective that capturing value from
customers is a general management responsibility.

For more information on the detailed programme, trainers and other information, click here or mail to Ursi Van der Herten, ursi.vanderherten@esade.edu. Or give her a call on her mobile +34 638 424 586.



Curious about the Global Maturity Pricing Report 2016?

+200 companies throughout Europe completed the PMI (Pricing Maturity Indicator), developed by the European Pricing Platform and PROS in the fall of 2015.

Today, we are very proud to present you the cumulative results of these companies in the '2nd Global Pricing Maturity Study 2016.

Here are some of the general findings:

- the overall pricing maturity is about the same score than the 2013 survey.
- the hightest score in this survey is given on 'price list management', the second highest score was for 'price governance', both of which are typical level 2 tasks in the pricing maturity levels.
- there is a relatively low score for 'price reporting'
- only 29% of companies are still giving local sales organisations full freedom to determine their local market prices. At the same time there is important lack of discount discipline in the sales teams.
- the low score on 'Price Strategy' indicates that pricing managers are fully aware of their struggle to 'get the price policy implemented'.
- the typical 'level 3 maturity' challenges, such as 'understanding price elasticity' and 'understanding willingness to pay' have the lowest score.  It's clearly a level most companies have not yet reached.

Want to see the in-depth analysis of these findings? You can find the full report on SlideShare.

'Only 45% of the companies in this survey do not (yet) have a vision about how to develop the pricing skills and maturity in their organisation.  That's a huge concern.', says Pol Vanaerde, President EPP

Feel free to make the survey yourself as it is still online: www.pricingmaturity.eu. You'll receive your individual report right away.

The Certified Pricing Manager programme (CPM) is developed by EPP and is the global standard of certification for today's pricing leaders.  The programme is built around the skill cards of pricing maturity in your company.  ROI of the programme is min. 10x the investment with certification based on real business project success. You can find more information on the programme here.



EPP | Endorser of the Australian Pricing Summit in Sydney, Australia



For those of you based in Australia, we just want to let you know that the Australian Pricing Summit will be held on April 27-29, 2016 in Sydney.

The final agenda is now available.

The summit will serve as a proactive vantage point for more effective pricing strategies for any organisation that wants to get the pricing of their product right. With that in mind, savvy organisations understand that they need to become more innovative, develop better pricing approaches and make sure they are selling to the right customer at the right time for the right price.

The summit will focus on the following 3 key themes:
  • implementing a clear pricing strategy that aligns with your business goals
  • effectively using data and analytics to drive pricing strategy
  • aligning your price to end user expectations
Ahead of the Australian Pricing Summit we caught up with Sian Rowlands, Strategy and Pricing Professional at Domain Group, who shared their value-based pricing strategies.
The Domain group have created a number of key principles to underpin their value-based pricing  
     strategy. In January 2016 the Domain Group rolled out their new pricing model. This was off the
     back of a review and reset of their pricing strategy 6 months ago which already saw improvements
     in yields, reduced discounting and consistency in how they price their products.

Read all about it in the article.

Interested? Read all about the Australian Pricing Summit here.

And profit from an additional discount of 10% on the EARLY BIRD rate by using the code EPP10 when registering. To receive this rate, call (02)9229 1000 or mail to registration@igpc.com.eu using the discount code.


ATTENTION! Do not miss out on this week's PROS & SKP pricing webinar on driving incremental profitability!



Research consistently demonstrates that pricing is the most powerful profit lever available to companies. Yet, European companies are not taking advantage of it. 
A recent study conducted by (EPP) European Pricing Platform in collaboration with PROS found that:
  • 91% of companies are operating at a low level of pricing maturity.
  • 60% of companies actually operates at a much lower level than what they perceive.
  • 50% of companies targeting the highest level of pricing maturity are underestimating the level of capabilities needed to actually achieve it.
Join SKP and PROS at this webinar to learn more on how you can leverage these insights and quickly gain competitive advantage for your company. 
Get insights on:
  • How to better capture the value of your products and services. 
  • What you need to do to drive incremental profitability from your pricing execution.
  • How to structure your organisation to make it all happen

Register here for the webinar.

Date: Thursday, 25th February, 2016
Time: 10:00 GMT | 11:00 CET
  • Jan Haemer, Director, Simon-Kucher & Partners
  • Michael Immenschuh, VP of Strategic Consulting, EMEA, PROS
We look forward to you joining this webinar. 
Best regards,
Colin Noronha – Marketing Manager, EMEA, PROS Europe Ltd.
4th Floor, East Wing | The Communication Centre | South Street | Staines-upon-Thames | 
TW18 4PR | United Kingdom Email: cnoronha@pros.com