Dig much deeper than the so-called quick wins in pricing.

To improve on your Pricing Maturity, you need to know where you stand in your pricing journey. The Pricing Maturity Indicator, developed by the European Pricing Platform, in collaboration with PROS does just that. Take the survey now.


The results of the survey give you a clear insight in the internal evaluation of the pricing maturity level in your organisation. The answers to the questions result in a framework with which to align priority setting to further improve pricing and profit optimisation.

So to make that lasting impact on the bottom line, you need to dig much deeper than the so-called quick wins of pricing. An enduring change and full impact on profit optimization requires a comprehensive approach, starting with knowing where you are today.

Your Pricing Maturity Score
Providing you a clear insight in the internal evaluation of the pricing maturity level in your organisation.

The Gap Analysis Pricing Maturity
Resulting in a framework with which to align priority setting to further improve pricing and profit optimization.

Industry Benchmark
At the close of the survey period, the EPP will send you a benchmark report specific to your industry

The Pricing Maturity Indicator and the PMI report are an initiative of the European Pricing Platform and is developed in collaboration with PROS.


EPP and Alliance Life Sciences join forces : because changing times ask for solid pricing!

As the life sciences industry faces unprecedented market changes that are pushing manufacturers to adapt their strategies and business models, many are investing in building capabilities to help them meet commercial and strategic objectives.  
The European Pricing Platform® and forum partner Alliance Life Sciences present the 5th EPP Life Sciences Pricing Forum, 21-23, September, Montreux, Switzerland -- the only event of its kind dedicated entirely to life sciences. 
“All pricing professionals need to realise they are not alone in their situation,” says Pol Vanaerde, founder of EPP.  “Many companies have already tackled these same challenges.  The main idea of this EPP Forum is for companies to inspire each other and look for innovative solutions to real-life challenges. At the EPP, we do not believe in a general plan of solutions, but a concrete, ready-to-use action plan for everyone”.

Delegates from across the spectrum of pharma, generics and medical technology will come together to share, discuss and debate the best approaches to optimising pricing and profitability management. 

Influential industry professionals will have the opportunity to meet senior pricing practitioners and experts to discuss the recent evolution within the pricing and profit optimisation sector. 

The event offers pre-forum workshops and over 25 industry-leading speakers, including representatives from the MPS Society, HTAs from across Europe, and pricing-and-market experts from Boston Scientific, Novartis, Philips Healthcare, Celgene, Takeda Pharmaceuticals and others. 

The forum focuses on the industry's need to optimise price, profit and revenue life cycle processes ranging from strategy to planning and execution.
More than ever, the industry must rely upon advanced solutions and knowledge management to meet today’s current challenges says Alan Crowther, CEO, Alliance Life Sciences, who serves on the EPP steering committee. 

We share EPP’s vision to enhance price optimisation in the global life sciences marketplace, and understand the significant level of complexity created by diverse processes across different countries. We are excited to be a part of this innovative event and are looking forward to exchanging ideas with other pricing professionals.”
To ensure maximum relevance for everyone, several “sector track sessions” are offered for medtech or pharma-generics professionals and their pricing and profit optimisation challenges.

This year, coordinators offer reservations for the 22 of September for a wine tasting and presentation of the UNESCO Lavaux wine region before going to dinner at Le Relais de la Poste, where participants will enjoy a delicious dinner with plenty of informal networking opportunities.

For more information on the 5th EPP Life Sciences Pricing Forum or to register, go to:

Press contact: Britt Dejager - Project Manager - EPP                           
M    +32/473.717.669 Tel  +32/ - Fax +32/               

About The European Pricing Platform (EPP) - Connecting Pricing and Profit Optimisation Management around the globe:

The European Pricing Platform is the #1 pricing and profit optimisation organisation with the mission to help develop both personal and organisational pricing maturity. www.pricingplatform.eu

Press contact Morayéa K. Pindziak | Vice President, Marketing – Alliance Life Sciences
Office: 908.947.4115 | Cell: 267.760.2694 | morayea.pindziak@alscg.com  | www.alscg.com  

About Alliance Life Sciences
Alliance Life Sciences is a global innovator that delivers peace of mind and unlocks business value with unique solutions to complex commercial problems. With over ten years of dedicated life sciences experience, our worldwide team of experts provides insights into contracting, pricing, and access. We serve mid-market life sciences companies and eight of the top-10 pharmaceutical manufacturers and multiple medical device and diagnostic firms. Contact: 866.581.4850 or www.alscg.com.


How was Philips Healthcare able to create a margin impact of €1mio annually?

Tobias Happel, Global Pricing Manager with Philips Healthcare will discuss his CPM (Certified Pricing Management) business case during the 5th EPP Life Sciences Pricing Forum on September 22nd 2015 in Montreux, Switzerland.                     

Tobias Happel – Global Pricing Manager – Philips Healthcare
Here is a preview on some answers.
Q Last year you got your CPM certification. How did this training help the company?  Can you share some information on the outcome of the value based pricing project as with regards to the ROI/revenue gained?
Through our business case we created a margin impact of 1 M Euro annually (!). Now we apply the same principles for other value pricing projects which we cannot quantify so far. More information will be shared in my business case on the 5th EPP Life Sciences Pricing Forum, organised in Montreux on September 22nd-23rd, 2015.
Q What are the success criteria of this successful value calculator that is actually and actively being used by sales?
  1. Simple – It should be easy for the sales team to use and for the customers to follow. The model has to be so simple that if your sales rep hands it off to a client, they can sit with their internal senior team and walk through the model.
  2. Credible – It should use the customer’s own data, and where data isn’t available, suggest value based on similar client scenarios. Remember the earlier example I gave of the sales rep, data credibility is very important. It makes your sales team trust worthy. Instead of using a national average, it is always better to use the customer’s own data.
  3. Flexible  – The model should allow for a reasonable amount of tweaking, based on information relative to customer needs. If the client operates on a different cost base than the rest of its peers, the model should be flexible enough to incorporate that information.
  4. Involve partners  –  …such as dealers as they are early users which can be used for validation
  5. Validate with customers  –  In order to ensure that customers do accept our unique features and are willing to pay a premium for it. Thus a customer survey about our value calculator is extremely helpful.
Q You have been working with Philips Healthcare since 15 years. What is so different in the Life Sciences industry now – compared to when you started working for Philips?
  • Competition has changed quite a bit. We are facing much more price sensitive vendors, mainly from Asia.
  • Much more focus on offering complete solutions which also requires some project management skills instead of box business
  • Customer buying behavior has changed quite a bit – much stronger pressure on their budget. Approver levels also changed, e.g. the CIO and CFO is much more involved instead of the head nurse.
Q How has the function of ‘pricing manager’ evolved during the years?
When I started pricing was very operational à list price management. By now we are much more focusing on Business and country reviews, recently focusing on value based pricing but also solution management. So there is a much stronger emphasis and focus to optimize profitability. We also started a project of looking at different payment solutions such as “pay per use”. So quite a change also requiring different skill sets on pricing managers in our days.
Q What should be the outcome of this forum for you personally?
Of course get some inspiration for my line of work so that I can implement some improvements there. But overall I hope that through our contributions, exchange of ideas and networking that we can grow the pricing community and help them to accelerate and ascend in our organizational structure in our companies.

Interested to join us at the 5th EPP Life Sciences Pricing Forum to discover all about the Philips Healthcare business case and much more? Register now!

We also asked mr. Happel if he would recommend this training to other people.
This was his answer:
Of course. 😉
Want to know more about the CPM training? Click here.


Live webinar on Improve Market Reactivity with Dynamic Pricing endorsed by EPP

In this 30-minute webinar featuring a live demo, Jan-Willem Adrian will run through a daily operational pricing process in a retail company selling online and in stores.

Willem will demonstrate how pricing analysts and category managers can maketimely and optimal pricing decisions, overcoming the limitations of Excel ‘spreadmarts’ and black-box pricing applications.
You’ll learn:
  • How to accelerate pricing decisions and deploy new prices several times per week
  • How to improve the performance of your pricing rules, whilst ensuring consistency across channels and regions
  • How to generate smart recommendations based on inventory levels, competitors prices, web traffic and more variables
  • How to run “what-if“ simulations to evaluate the impact of multiple price adjustment scenarios on margins


AT Kearney & Simon-Kucher sponsor Chemicals event

On March 25-26 the second EPP chemical forum will be held in Prague. The forum, which aims at providing best practices on pricing for the chemical industry, hosts a diverse range of industry leaders, as well as thought leaders from top consultancy firms. A.T. Kearney, Simon-Kucher, Team Steffenhagen Consulting and Implement Consulting Group will contribute to the event, either as sponsor or as speaker/moderator

For the European chemical industry, prices remain unstable and competition fierce acquiring the right pricing is becoming more and more important. “The European chemical industry is facing major challenges. Chemical companies are fighting against the volatility in commodity prices and innovative solutions are the constant call-to-action in an extremely high competitive world. More than ever, chemical companies are embracing the importance of dedicated pricing and profit optimisation professionals,” explains Orisa Grajeda, Business Development Manager at European Pricing Platform (EPP)*.

The 2nd EPP Chemical Forum 2015

In order to provide chemical professionals the possibility to meet likeminded people and to share industry insights on the topic of pricing, the EPP organises the Chemical Forum. This event offers an interactive format, ensuring maximum learning and insights-gaining opportunity. The forum aims at providing a panel of top speakers, who will demonstrate best practices and tools every pricing practitioner should know to generate a powerful and steady growth and stay ahead in a competitive environment. This year’s event will be held in Prague at The Radisson Blu Alcron Hotel from 25-26 March.

Consulting firms:

For consulting firms, the forum provides the ideal moment to showcase their thought leadership, to learn from best practices from other experts in the field, and to come into contact with leaders in the chemical industry. This year, three consulting firms have grasped the opportunity and committed themselves to the EPP chemical forum as sponsor, an overview:

  • AT Kearney, a management consulting firm , is a Gold sponsor of the event and will, in addition, run a workshop. 
  • Team Steffenhagen Consulting, a consultancy specialised on the chemical industry and a Gold sponsor of the event, will offer a talk by Ralf Schmidt, a Managing Partner. 
  • Simon-Kucher & Partners, a strategy and marketing consultancy and Silver sponsor of the event, will have their Partner Fabian Braun give a talk. 
In addition, the Director of Implement Consulting Group, a management and strategy consulting firm, will contribute to the event as moderator of discussions. 

Other sponsors are PROS (Gold) and MarketRedesign (Bronze). 

* The EPP is a knowledge sharing platform that serves thousands of European pricing and profit optimisation managers. As a not-for-profit organisation, the EPP is devoted to support and share pricing know-how.


Knowledge sharing at Implement Consulting Group, December 2014

Michael Krall Poulsen sharing his perspectives on how to lift pricing to the next level, by accepting and adopting the human factors in price execution

Excited to join a conference with Michael Krall Poulsen as well? Join the 2nd EPP Chemical Forum 2015 and March 25-26 in Prague. Click here for more information or registration