Syncron gears up as Silver sponsor at AMAN2014 !

Syncron is a global supply chain management software company, who are also growing from strength to strength with their Global Price Management software. We are very pleased to welcome them to AMAN2014!

Having recently been rated as “promising” price optimization and management software in Gartner’s MarketScope for B2B in 2013, Syncron is eager to share their systematic approach and solution with companies in the spare parts business.  We are very pleased to welcome them to AMAN2014!

EPP’s pricing and profit optimisation forums focus on bringing together an exclusive group of pricing professionals per industry to create a unique learning and networking experience.  
“At AMAN2014 we have built in ample learning and connection opportunities.  Our sessions centre around the 3D’s of Demonstrating, Discussing and Doing in order to ensure maximum retention after the event.” – Nicolene Barnard, Content Director AMAN2014

One such lively knowledge sharing session is the EPP Active Board, which Syncron is sponsoring on day 1 of the forum.
Johan Ösltin, pricing specialist, will guide participants through a well-crafted, interactive exercise, focussing on price and margin analytics, that will identify hidden revenue leakages and facilitate discussions about how these can be “plugged”, the moment they get back to their office.

Read what your fellow pricing professionals have to say about the Aftermarket and Manufacturing events at EPP.
Join EPP and Syncron for this session and get your pricing into a higher gear in 2014.
See you there!


New Bronze Sponsor: Prof. Roll & Pastuch

We are proud to announce that EPP's long-time partner, Prof. Roll & Pastuch Management Consultants, have signed up for bronze sponsorship at AMAN 2014.
Prof Roll & Pastuch
Together EPP and Prof. Oliver Roll have devoted lots of time, energy and creativity into growing the pricing community in Europe.  The focus of his team is on realising projects which achieve a sustainable increase in earnings by optimising all stages of the pricing process.
“We’re really happy to be sponsoring AMAN2014.  It’s common to be impressed by very large conferences, as size often implies status, and seemingly success.  But EPP has proven many times over, that size isn’t everything.  The AMAN forum, limited to 80 participants, allows for plenty of high quality peer-learning and connection opportunities for pricing professionals.” - Prof. Oliver Roll
During the first Think Tank on day 1, moderated by Prof. Roll, we will see a top pricing professional from the manufacturing industry (to be announced soon!) bring his business case to the table.  He will pose two challenges, that they are currently facing, to the audience.  The audience will brainstorm in small groups and construct possible solutions or advice based on their collective pricing knowledge and experience. Participative peer-learning at its best!
We look forward to welcoming participants from manufacturing sectors such as Industrial machinery & components;  Construction equipment/building machinery;  Automotive, trucking & bus;  Food processing/packing machinery;  Industrial heating & cooling equipment;  Materials handling equipment;  Agricultural machinery;  Mining equipment etc.
Read the testimonials of past participants here.
See you in Amsterdam on 19+20 March 2014!
Best regards,