EPP is pleased to announce a new partnership with Prof. Roll & Pastuch - Management Consultants (R&P)

The European pricing Platform (EPP) is proud to announce that Prof. Roll & Pastuch – Management Consultants (R&P), a specialized consulting company with a strong focus on price management, became a structural partner of the EPP. The experience of Prof. Roll & Pastuch – Management Consultants builds on a long history of successful pricing projects from different industries. Prof. Roll & Pastuch – Management Consultants will offer EPP participants with knowledge and best-practices.

“Over the recent years we can see a great development in price management. Methods that were considered state-of-the-art a couple of years ago are losing their profit impact. Companies that want to be the best-in-class need to develop their pricing continuously.” said ‘Prof. Roll. “Partnering with EPP puts us in a position to share our knowledge with the relevant decision makers and develop price management even further.” 

“Prof. Roll & Pastuch has been carefully selected to join our group of pricing experts worldwide because of their proven track record, experience, and pricing science methodologies,” said Pol Vanaerde, EPP president. “We are pleased to have Prof. Roll & Pastuch included on our expert list, and look forward to working closely with them to better serve our participants.”

EPP serves as the first ‘not-for-profit’ network for cross-industrial pricing and profit optimization decision makers in Europe. Through various on- and offline media, EPP is dedicated to develop and share pricing best practices, effective tools, methodologies and populate technological solutions assisting in successful definition and implementation of Strategic Pricing.

About Prof. Roll & Pastuch – Management Consultants
Prof. Roll & Pastuch – Management Consultants is a specialized consulting company, with a strong focus on price management. The management team consists of experienced pricing consultants that have a long history of successful pricing projects. They work for large, international clients as well as for hidden champions. R&P provides their clients with state-of-the art pricing solutions with a strong hands-on approach, that really delivers tangible results at the end of each project. A long list a satisfied customers from different industries proves that this approach makes a difference.

About European Pricing Platform
The EPP offers your company to have the right pricing tactics in place to guarantee customer loyalty and deliver sustained margin growth to your business. Enhance your pricing know-how and be successful in it by joining this dynamic and yet resourceful pricing platform.