EPP is pleased to announce a new partnership with Simon-Kucher & Partners

The European Pricing Platform (EPP) is proud to announce that they have added Simon-Kucher & Partners, a global consulting firm specializing in pricing and marketing strategy, to their partners. Simon-Kucher & Partners’ experience builds on over 2000 projects conducted by their pricing experts in the last three years alone. Simon-Kucher will become a new Pricing Expert Partner, exhibitor, and sponsor of upcoming EPP events throughout Europe. Simon-Kucher will offer EPP participants insights, benchmarks, proven tools and methodologies to illustrate how to maximize profitability through cutting-edge marketing and pricing strategies.

“The Global Pricing Study that surveyed more than 3,900 high-level decision makers from all major service and manufacturing industries about their profit culture indicated that 65 percent of companies are not able to charge the prices they deserve for the value their products and services deliver. As a result, they lose 25 percent of profits. Rather than focusing on profit, 46 percent of the companies fight price wars to gain volume and market share. And when companies finally bring themselves to raise prices, they only get half of what they planned,” explains Danilo Zatta, Partner at Simon-Kucher & Partner. “Partnering with EPP puts us in a position to address existing pricing practices even better and to show how the challenges identified in the Global Pricing Study 2011 can be solved.”

Simon-Kucher & Partners supports and partners with clients in the elusive and yet attainable hunt for sustainable business growth through profit margin improvement. A comprehensive and well-executed marketing and pricing strategy can result in critical profit gains and, ultimately, business survival during difficult times. With 23 offices in 17 countries and over 570 professionals, the company has been defined as the world’s leading pricing consultancy by both BusinessWeek and The Economist. Simon-Kucher & Partners has served more than 100 of the Global Fortune 500 companies. Clients come from all major industries and are often leaders in their markets.

“Simon-Kucher has been carefully selected to join our group of pricing experts worldwide because of their proven track record, experience, and pricing science methodologies,” says Pol Vanaerde, EPP president. “We are pleased to have Simon-Kucher & Partners included on our expert list and look forward to working closely with them to better serve our participants.”

EPP serves as the first ‘not-for-profit’ network for cross-industrial pricing and profit optimization decision makers in Europe. Through various on and offline media, EPP is dedicated to developing and sharing pricing best practices, effective tools, methodologies and technological solutions that help to successfully define and implement strategic pricing. Through various on- and offline media, EPP is dedicated to develop and share pricing best practices, effective tools, methodologies and populate technological solutions assisting in successful definition and implementation of Strategic Pricing.

About Simon-Kucher & Partners Strategy & Marketing Consultants
Simon-Kucher & Partners is a global consulting firm specializing in strategy, marketing, pricing and sales. Founded in 1985, the company focuses on Smart Profit GrowthSM by helping clients to boost their top line instead of cutting costs. With over 570 professionals in 23 offices worldwide, the practice is built on evidence-based, practical strategies for profit improvement. Simon-Kucher & Partners is regarded as the world's leading pricing advisor and thought leader.

About European Pricing Platform
The EPP offers your company to have the right pricing tactics in place to guarantee customer loyalty and deliver sustained margin growth to your business. Enhance your pricing know-how and be successful in it by joining this dynamic and yet resourceful pricing platform.The EPP helps your company find the right pricing tactics to guarantee customer loyalty and generate sustainable margin growth for your business. Enhance your pricing know-how and be successful in it by joining this dynamic and resourceful pricing platform.

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