Several times per year, Nicole Huyghe, founder and CEO of Solutions-2, teaches participants to our EPP Advanced Pricing Toolbox training all the ins and outs of pricing research techniques.  She enriches the training with real-life cases and examples from her 17 years of cross-industrial experience to illustrate the finer details of each method.

On Thursday 15 November 2012, Solutions-2 received the award for the most successful Belgian or Luxembourg SME exporting to the United Kingdom.

Michel Vanhoonacker, BLCC Chairman said: “It was immediately clear to the Jury that the enthusiasm and creativity of Nicole Huyghe, founder of solutions-2 is key to its commercial success in the UK and Belgium. After she lived and worked for several years in London, Nicole set up solutions-2 in Belgium but worked mainly for UK companies and became an immediate export success. With the recent establishment of a UK office in London, she has gone the full circle. The power of solutions-2 is the way in which they turn data into visual story telling.” 

Nicole Huyghe, founder and CEO: “We are participating in the Golden Bridge Awards because we are proud of the growth of our company, and more particularly the export to the UK. What started as a one person company with one client in the UK, has now grown to a very solid and much respected company with more than 50 clients and even our own office in the UK. We very much would like to celebrate this success, together with our team and clients as they have been the drivers of our growth. The Golden Bridge Award is the ideal opportunity for this.” 

The Golden Bridge Awards, organised by the Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, took place in Central London on Thursday 15 November 2012 at the Northumberland. 

For more information about the upcoming Advanced Pricing Toolbox trainings for 2013 have a look at our events agenda.

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