'Is pricing the new CFO topic?' by Nikolas Beutin - Price Waterhouse Coopers

- The big & global challenges for the pricing directors in companies, worldwide: what are they?

In the “good old days” pricing directors could easily helpt to sell what their company produced: the customers very often had a low price sensitivity.  Pressure of competition was low and only few substitutes and imitations were there. The customer was brand loyal and rational and pricing took place in microcosm marketing between product, place & promotion.
Nowadays, pricing directors face large and global challenges such as much more professional purchasing (central purchasing, price trainings, eProcurement), higher market price transparency (M&As, complex, international distribution), unclear and changing demand (weak economy / recession / crises, weak financial position of customers, stronger price-focus from end-customers) and lastly tremendously higher competitive intensity (high price transparency in internet, aggressive pricing of new competitors, discount wars, price erosion, grey markets etc.).
- Can an event like the Profit Leaders Summit contribute to these challenges?

Yes of course! the Profit Leaders Summit will provide answers to many of the most pressing questions.
Two interactive days with leading experts, experienced speakers and leaders in pricing and margin management give thought-provoking impulses and completes participant’s experiences with new innovative approaches and thinking.
- What should be the outcome of the summit, what’s in it for all participants?

This event is designed to bring real experts on C-level together.
-> To work together during interactive workshop sessions with actionable outcomes and take home best practices to implement.
-> To expand the personal network and get inspired with new ways of thinking discussions amongst leading decision makers.
-> To take away ideas, thoughts and specific actions that impact your daily pricing approach as well as your long-term pricing strategy.

- What can you give away about your topic?

My topic “Is Pricing the New CFO Topic?” identifies the new role of pricing within an organization.
Due to the above mentioned challenges and developments, pricing tasks shifted over the last years into the area of the CFO.  In addition to the “new days of pricing” further developments like globalization, digital disruption, diversification in marketing and sales as well as internationalization and a lack of qualified sales staff are drivers for this shift.
I am looking forward to talking about these developments in the key note closing session!

Do you want to join? Click here and find out all there is to know about the EPP Profit Leaders Summit. Or contact Els, Summit Manager at els.landuyt@pricingplatform.eu.

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