6000 euros for a seat on the Airbus A380

6000 euros is the price for a seat on board during the first A380 flight !

Since yesterday you can buy on eBay seats for the first flight of the Airbus A380, today the highest offer is 8.159 dollar (almost 6.000 euro) for a seat in businessclass. In economyclass somebody wants to pay 5.000 dollar for a seat.

Singapore Airlines will be first to start flights with the superjumbo. The online auction started yesterday and the profits of this auction will be offered to charity projects such as a project with children in two hospitals in Sydney and the international organisation 'Médecins sans frontières'. The auction is running until September 10th. Singapore Airlines ordered 19 airbusses A 380 for which two of them delivery is delayed with two years.

Singapore Airlines zal als eerste de superjumbo inzetten op 25 oktober van dit jaar tussen Sydney en Singapore. De onlineveiling startte gisteren. De opbrengst zal geschonken worden aan liefdadigheidsprojecten zoals onder meer een project met kinderen in twee ziekenhuizen in Sydney en de internationale organisatie Médecins sans frontières. De veiling loopt af op 10 september.Singapore Airlines bestelde negentien Airbussen A380 waarvan de levering met twee jaar werd uitgesteld.

Source: afp/hln

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