EPP Pricing & Profit Optimization Forum on Life Sciences

EPP and Model N have organized their 2nd Annual Forum focused on Life Sciences on the 23rd and 24th of May 2012.
The objective of this forum was to provide communication, education and networking opportunities for decision makers engaged in Pricing & Profit Optimization.

Testimonials of the forum on Life Sciences:

Excellent initiative from a learning and networking standpoint

The EPP Pricing and Profit Optimization Conference is an invaluable and unique forum for addressing some of the most essential industry challenges confronting Life Sciences in the Eurozone. Topics such as Reference Pricing, Parallel Trade and Value Based Pricing were covered by a top notch faculty.

Participate in the EPP Forum is a great opportunity to evaluate and share best practices and market trends Life Sciences. 

This was one of the best conferences i have been to in many years. The content and speakers were very insightful.

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