Call for Speakers EPP Aftermarket Forum

Call for Experienced Pricing Practitioners : we want you !

Have you spent years manoeuvring your way through the challenges of Aftermarket Sales and Services landscape?

Then our participants want to hear from you!
There are still a couple of speaking slots open for pricing practitioners who would be willing to help us inspire and motivate the European Aftermarket Pricing Community.

We are looking for people who are willing to come highlight current or recent pricing challenges – outlining the issues they faced and how they have overcome (or plan to overcome) them.

In keeping with tradition, this year’s edition of the EPP Aftermarket Forum (19+20 June, Frankfurt) will be a high-level conference where like-minded individuals from across Europe come to connect and share their pricing knowledge with each other.

Make your mark in the pricing community by sharing your experiences. We’re more than willing to help you prepare for your presentation if needed.

Topics that we are covering on the forum :

Keynote Topics:
  • Aftermarket outlook: a broad sketch of the European situation, highlighting main challenges per industry that makes up Aftermarket
  • The commodity trap : fact or fiction… and is there a way out of it? 
  • How to turn big data into sales 
  • Pricing across borders Centralised vs. decentralised pricing of spare parts in global organisations 
  • The role of Total Value of Ownership in Life Cycle Pricing 

Breakout topics:
  • How to translate your pricing strategy to your sales team 
  • How to segment and price 100.000+ parts 
  • How to monitor and drive pricing power in your organisation 
  • Challenges to overcome before looking to Pricing Software as the answer 
  • End of life does not mean end of profit : how to optimise the profitability of mature products 
  • The aftermarket gets connected : transparency in a traditionally opaque market 
  • Selling through price differentiation : how to give customers the feeling that they have more choices and how managing price dependencies across good-better-best categories 

Closing Keynote : A View on the Future - Aftermarket in the year 2023.
  • How Direct Digital Manufacturing (3D-printing) can change the Aftermarket Manufacturing landscape of the future. 

Join us at the EPP Aftermarket Forum on 19+20 June in Frankfurt, organised in partnership with PROS, and with the support of Simon-Kucher & Partners

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,
Nicolene Barnard
Content Manager EPP Aftermarket Forum 2013

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