Unlock the secrets behind Value Based Pricing

EPP endorses and speaks at the Syncron Pricing Seminar on 17th of October (Birmingham)

Learn which Pricing Methodologies to Utilize to Help Companies Win More Business for Spare Parts Pricing

Few companies take full advantage of the opportunity Spare Parts Pricing offers. The result: significant untapped profit potential! 

Whilst many companies will perform well in 2013, a select group will reach beyond normal limitations to outperform their peers.  Today, many manufacturers recognise that the key to improving margins and revenues is the implementation of a Global Price Management process.  These companies realise that widespread use of spreadsheets for analysing and managing prices is increasingly inadequate, and understand the strong need to break away from the constraints of cost plus pricing methods, and develop effective market based pricing.  This creates new possibilities for best in class companies to defend and increase their market share.

Price Optimisation capabilities allow improved insight and analysis into the price elasticity of captive aftermarket spare parts, and enables companies to better exploit and execute competitive pricing information through price-setting processes.

By attending this FREE half day seminar on the 17th October, you will learn which pricing strategies are important to utilize to help companies win more business!  Syncron will also share examples of how companies have successfully adapted their processes, and profited from Value Based Pricing for their Aftermarket Parts.

The Seminar covers:
  • Identifying the principles for setting prices i.e. cost, or some other value driver;
  • Benchmarking against competitor data to price parts;
  • How to make sure you have all your necessary data available to undertake a pricing project;
  • Segmenting parts pricing into different categories;
  • Identifying which types of spare parts present the best opportunity for margin improvement;
  • Finding the best method to correctly price unique/captive parts;
  • Support and guidance for writing a business case when undertaking a pricing project.

This event is endorsed by the European Pricing Platform.
Pol Vanaerde, Founder and President of European Pricing Platform, will act as guest speaker at this event on the topic 'Economic Value Calculator'.
Registration is free, so we hope to welcome and meet you all on October 17th 2013 at the Ardencote Manor Hotel Country Club & Spa in Warwick (close to Birmingham Airport) !

Follow this link, or www.syncron.com, for more information and registration (navigation bar: about - events)

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