AMAN2014 races ahead with PROS

Together with Ed and his team here in Europe, we will help you outpace your competitors! Do you want to join the winner's circle with the likes of Gates, Mopar, Cummins, Navistar and others? Then there's only one place for you to be on 19+20 March, and that is AMAN2014!

According to a recent European Pricing Platform study, most manufacturers operate at level 2 of pricing maturity (more info: EPP Pricing Maturity Model). Interestingly, out of all participants in the survey, machinery and equipment manufacturers are the most ambitious, wanting to grow to a pricing maturity level of 3,24 from their current level of 2,08 within the next 12 months. The biggest difference between actual and desired pricing maturity for this group of respondents is in the area of monitoring and reporting, with 26% of respondents still working in Excel sheets with pricing knowledge dispersed throughout the organisation. (download the study here)

EPP is proud to support our founding partner, PROS, in their endeavour to help these companies leverage the insights and value buried within their “big data” so that they not only succeed in gearing up to a higher level of pricing maturity, but in doing so also outpace the competition!

Join us in discussing how major industry challenges impact pricing and what we can do to respond to it. Hear real business cases from the construction, mining, agricultural, automotive industry and many more. Bring your challenges to AMAN 2014, discuss them in our brand new forum formats and go home with fresh perspectives on how to tackle them… This is what previous participants had to say about it.

See you at AMAN2014!

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