Discover the details of the Life Sciences Pricing Game Theory and much more

Most European hospitals use tendering as procurement method of choice for their purchasing of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and supplies. Life science companies have to handle the administrative burden that goes hand in hand with tendering. In this process they sometimes forget the key objective of tendering: more efficient purchasing through better preparation and price competition. This masterclass aims to dig deep into the price competition aspects. Participants will not only increase their understanding of the theoretical drivers of price competition but also learn about techniques that help predicting competitive discounts. 

On June 3rd, the day before the kick-off of the 4th EPP Life Sciences Forum 2014, you get the opportunity to join the pre forum workshop Predicting competitor pricing strategies in Life Sciences, this workshop, focusing on best practices, is a real treat, as it is the first time in Europe anything like this is organised.

But before your register, of course you want to know what to expect. Well, sit tight, while I give you a quick glance through the workshop schedule:

Starting out whit an exercise on price competition, followed by an analysis of the results, you will gain more isights in the 2 biggest influencers on price competition: circumstances and behaviour. With the support of real-life observations, you will also discover how this can be influenced by your company culture and behaviour.

During the second part, you will dig into the details of Game Theory, using an exercise an a simulated model to fully comprehend this aspect.

Following, you will be focusing on the War Game approach: how to implement this and which pitfalls to take in account while doing so.

You will be closing this intensive day of training with a disussion on general commercial strategies, which every company should have, but often doesn't.

Quick note: you don't have to be participating in the 4th EPP Life Sciences Forum to be able to join this unique training, but it's of course a nice combination!

Needless this one-of-a-kind workshop is priceless, but we offer it to you at a mere €995. Not yet convinced? Take a look at the detailed agenda here.
We are looking forward to meeting you all on the 3th of June in Montreux!

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