Tobias Happel, Philips Healthcare talks about the success of his CPM business case

The EPP Certified Pricing Manager® programme is the only officially recognised pricing and profit optimisation accreditation programme in the world, designed for experienced and highly accomplished pricing practitioners seeking personal career advancement and professional recognition.
No other programme is so comprehensive and practical. The Certified Pricing Manager® programme is specifically designed around the organisational and personal skill cards to perform on the different pricing maturity levels. Certification is based on real business project success.

And this is exactly what Tobias Happel, Global Pricing Manager from Philips Healthcare did in 2015. He created with his business case a margin impact of 1 M Euro annually (!). Now he applies the same principles for other value pricing projects which Philips Healthcare could not quantify so far.

Tobias also stresses that companies like Philips Healthcare focus now much more on value based pricing and also solution management. So there is a much stronger emphasis and focus to optimize profitability.

Listen to what Tobias Happel states about the Certified Pricing Management programme, training organised by the European Pricing Platform.

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