Tendering: the Life Science Industry’s 1st Global Benchmarking Study coming up!

The Life Science Industry’s 1st Global Benchmarking Study on Tendering
Conducted by HighPoint Solutions and supported
by the European Pricing Platform (EPP)

Pharmaceutical and MD&D manufacturers are looking for answers to what defines a mature and effective Tendering function in the areas of organanisation, policy, process, and technology.  Currently, no widely available benchmark information exists as to what defines a mature Tendering function in each of the previous categories mentioned.
Please take a moment to fill out this important survey and study. All answers will be anonymous regarding the person and company. Results will be shared as aggregate by HighPoint Solutions in a report and presented in various forums with the first being the 6th EPP Life Sciences Pricing Forum on September 20-21 in Montreux. Findings will also be provided via mail for all participants.
If you want to take the survey, please contact Britt (britt.dejager@pricingplatform.eu). He'll send you the necessary link.
25% of the pharmaceutical market is now considered to be traded through some form of tender and this percentage is even expected to grow even further. The prevalence of tendering is nowadays expanding from generic to specialised drugs, forcing even specialised manufacturers to become participant in tender.
So we better do it right.  That's why one of the pre-forum workshops on the 6th EPP Life Sciences Pricing forum deals with this challenge (September 19, 2016)
TENDER MANAGEMENT EXCELLENCE - Or how to achieve excellence in all facets of your tendering operation?

What’s on the agenda of this workshop?
  • How to plan for the market?
  • How to plan pricing guidelines?
  • How to shape tenders before the bid?
  • How to think about tender pricing at time of bid?
  • What best-in-class analyses you need in your tender analysis toolkit?
  • How to best manage tenders after the bid, win or lose?
  • How to balance support for tenders between local and global needs?
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