What’s stopping you from becoming a pricing leader?

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014 – Oegstgeest (Leiden), The Netherlands

Next week, from Monday June 16th until Friday June 20th, a brand new edition of the Certified Pricing Manager® executive programme - level 3, takes place at the beautiful Hotel Oud Poelgeest in the inspiring, green and tranquil environment of Oegstgeest (nearby Leiden) in The Netherlands.

And this is big news! Why, you ask?

We present you, a small pick of the many reasons to attend this executive training programme
  1. Face to face: more focus (fewer distractions), deeper connection to material and to each other;
  2. Small pre-screened group: individual attention, deeper learning experience, room to discuss pressing, sensitive issues;
  3. Return on investment of X6 at least: no certification unless successfully completed min. 30K generating business project;
  4. Cross-industrial: Stimulates and triggers new ideas/approaches, out of the box thinking, higher learning curve;
  5. Practice new skills immediately: practical case studies under supervision of coach & trainer;
  6. Expert feedback/soundboard from external EPP certified coach during training and project;
  7. Generates positive attention for pricing in your organisation, also positive attention for your career;
  8. Top trainers & guest speakers: Have a look, following this link.

If you have more than 3 years’ experience in pricing and can you say that you have full transactional control established in your organisation, you can not afford this miss this. 

Advance your price management career, demonstrate and prove that you have mastered a thorough understanding of the best practices, skills and tools needed to drive your pricing team's priorities towards full value capturing and profit optimisation this year.  

With 38 hours of intensive face to face course work plus a minimum 30K margin generating business project, this is an executive development programme which far surpasses the quality and value any other pricing education on the market today.

Interested in joining?

Contact nicolene.barnard@pricingplatform.eu or call +32/ to discuss your opportunities in your development as a pricing expert or to get a detailed overview of what you will be discussing, next week at CPM®_3.

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