What is your next pricing initiative?

European Pricing Platform proudly present: EPP Pricing University - Where pricing leaders go to learn...

Implementing pricing optimisation initiatives can be very challenging, and sometimes it's hard to know where to start. When time, resources and/or knowledge form a problem, it can help to reach out to someone who can assist you... OR when the opportunity presents itself, you can train the talent that is already in you! 

At the EPP Pricing University, we give YOU the tools and develop the skills and insights you need to run key pricing improvement actions yourself. Depening on your level of experience, you have the opportunity to attend different trainings:

Maturity Level 1/2
Maturity Level 2/3
Maturity Level 3

If you'd like to receive a call to hear how you EPP can facilitate you in this process, please let us know. Contact nicolene.barnard@pricingplatform.eu or call +32/

Want to find out your Pricing Maturity level?  

Fill in the PMI today and find out how your company compares to fellow pricing peers.

Improving your company's approach to pricing leads to more opportunities to create and capture value for customers, which results in increased sales and healthier margins

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