The Chemical Industry Steering Committee 2014 - 2015 is a fact!

The Steering Committee is a group of high-level industry pricing experts who bring expertise, sound advice and guidance on the overall strategic direction of the European Pricing Platform. Our vitality and relevance is driven by the collective know-how, diversity and passion for pricing and profit optimisation of these pricing experts. We are very proud to announce you the first members of the Chemical Industry Steering Committee:

Patrick Moeller
Head of Pricing Management
Bayer CropScience
Patrick has been active in the chemical industryfor over 19 years. He has led international sales and product management teams, and his experience with projects on developing and implementing international pricing management organisation, make him a real pricing process and management expert.
An important piece to the pricing puzzle, because...:
His expertise in sales and price negotiations, value based pricing, value selling and association work make him a valuable member of the chemical industry steering committee.

Mikael Gedin
Executive Vice President, Regions & Group Management
Perstorp Group
Over the past 22 years, Mikael has gathered relevant experience as Operations and Development Manager, Management Consultant and Operations Excellence Manager. Since 2009, he has been working for Perstorp Group, currently in the role of Executive Vice President, Regions and Group Management.
An important piece of the pricing puzzle, because...:
Focusing on Change Management, Human Resources, Lean Operational Excellence, Leadership Development, Organisational Development, Sales and Marketing, Mikael's experience is essential to the chemical industry steering committee.

Peter Elgaard

Manager, Strategy and Pricing
Peter is an experienced Pricing, Project and Product Manager with background in both Telco and Biotech. Currently, he is active as Pricing Manager is Commercial Excellence at Novozymes. His main responsibility is end-2-end project management of implementing a new Pricing, based in a new pricing system and the inherent business processes.
An important piece of the pricing puzzle, because...:
With his major experience in implementing new products, and setting market strategies, as well as development and maintenance of products portfolios to maximise profits, we are very happy to welcome Peter as a member of the chemical indudstry steering committee.

Ansgar Wille
Sr. Director Marketing & Selling Excellence
Royal DSM
In the past 17 years, Ansgar held positions in Marketing, Sales, Strategic Planning, and Business Management in BASF and DSm, both globally leading, shaping and growing businesses. He has relevant experience in change management, integration of business units, strategic business development, and in international & cross-cultural business environments. Since 2011, Ansgar works with Royal DSM, as Senior Director in Marketing & Selling Excellence, to support improving DSM4s business groups' commercial excellence.
An important piece of the pricing puzzle, because...:
Ansgar has joined the chemical industry steering committee thanks to his expertise in Business Management and Development, and Strategy Development and Implementation. His expertise in growth oriented price structuring of operations and leadership make him an indispensable asset of this team.

Emanuela Papapietro
Senior Commercial Excellence Manager
Borealis Group
Emanuela has over 17 year of professional experience within the chemical industry. She gained previous experience, managing international sales and marketing teams in the automotive, pipe, and pharma industry. She also led the procurement departement for big European traders. Emanuala has started working for Borealis in 2006. As Senior Commercial Excellence Manager, she is responsible for the roll out of a Global Pricing Project and selected as Lead for strategic projects.
An important piece of the pricing puzzle, because...:
Emanuela has joined this team thanks to her expertise in pricing processes and pricing tools.

Georges Houtappel

Senior Vice President, Global Head of Commercial Excellence
Solvay Group
Georges joined the Solvay Group in January 2013 and is Senior Vice President Global Head of Commercial Excellence as well as head of the Commercial Academy of Solvay. He is responsible for the roll-out and implementation of the commercial excellence program throughout all Global Business Units, contributing to a significant part of the Group’s REBITDA objectives.
An important piece of the pricing puzzle, because...: 
Georges has been added to the Chemical Industry Steering Committee, thanks to his expensive experience in large scale change and innovation projects.

Steering Committee activities include, but are not limited to:
  • Maintain the continuity of the EPP Industry Pricing Platforms and to offer help and advice;
  • Discuss and consult the EPP on the actual key market access and pricing challenges as input for the pricing university and pricing events;
  • Drive the agenda of the career development programs, executive briefs and pricing conference;
  • Plan for future pricing events, evaluate how well each event has achieved the objectives, and implements improvements to better meet these objectives.
  • The Steering Committee members act on a voluntary basis and gather 2 to 4 times a year.

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The Chemical Industry Steering Committee is an important cornerstone in the organisation of the
2nd EPP Chemical Industry Forum 2015

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