iPod Nano the most expensive in Brazil

When a brazilian wants to buy an iPod Nano he needs to pay almost 396, 61 dollar. In the U.S. or HongKong you pay only 149 and 148,12 dollar for the same iPod Nano.

Commsec, an Australian based company compared the price of an iPod Nano 4 GB in 55 countries around the world. After Brazil and Bulgaria, Argentina and Israƫl are at the top of the list. In those countries the buyer must pay above 300 dollar for the iPod. Remarkably; countries situated in South America and Eastern Europe are mostly on top of the list. Countries like Japan, Taiwan and Singapore are relative cheap for buying an iPod.

The cheapest place in Europe to buy an iPod is in Switzerland, there the music player only costs 194,34 dollar.

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