Workshop - Psychology in Price Setting

The European Pricing Platform is organizing on the 27th of April 2007 the workshop Psychology in Price Setting

Getting the price right is essential for each firm. The impact of product pricing on a firm’s net income is huge. But do we know how price and different price levels influence individual buyers in their purchase decisions?

The interactive ePP workshop on Friday April 27, 2007 will provide an in-depth overview of behavioural foundations for price management, together with practical implications in retail environments.Tijs Rotmans will present an overview of available literature on psychological factors used in pricing decisions: from perception, the multidimensional role of price on buyers’ perceptions, till for example the impact of odd pricing. Karel Klercq continues with practical implications of behavioural aspects in price setting in retail environments. Specific examples from health & beauty stores will illustrate price decisions made based on psychological factors.

The workshop language is Dutch (unless upfront requested otherwise by participants).

For more information: http://www.pricingplatform.eu/site/public/workshops_detail.asp?id=26

As an ePP participant subscription is FREE! http://www.pricingplatform.eu/site/public/workshops_signup.asp?id=26

Non ePP-participants pay € 330,00 (TVA exclusive)

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